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Welcome to Positive Minds website. This service is directed and delivered by Jane Eastwood who has over 10 years experience working within the field of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy both within the NHS and private sector.

Jane has gained her post graduate training at the University of Manchester and Bolton University. She holds a post graduate diploma in Primary Mental Health Care, Level 3 CBT and Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management. Jane gained additional training with KPMG to become a qualified Certified Disability Management Consultant which complemented her training and expertise within the field of medical and vocational case management

Jane is currently working to complete her post graduate diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in order to obtain the BABCP accreditation.

Positive Minds specialises in offering Cognitive Behaviour Therapy focused treatments to clients experiencing psychological problems. We are experienced to work with complex depression, anxiety, specific phobias, generalised anxiety disorder and travel anxiety.

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SKYPE therapy call with PositiveMinds

"Have you considered offering your employees SKYPE therapy”?

Dealing with Work Related Stress at PositiveMinds

Stress is now one of the most common illnesses resulting in up to 70% of GP consultations and related to up to 85% of serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer (UK HSE Statistics).


Work related stress

Positive Minds delivers CBT based treatments via SKYPE to national and international employees to ease access to therapy for those who are time challenged to attend clinic appointments!

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“When I was at a very low point after my sever road accident and feeling as thought life was flashing by without me you phoned me and pulled me out of a very, very dark hole !

I felt absolutely useless and a drain on all around me but you taught me my own value and how to overcome my inner emotions. You made molehills out of my mountains and pulled me back into the light where I still am. Thank you Jane for being there for me in my hour of need”    Dave

"I have been receiving support from Jane for some weeks now. Not only is she an amazing women but SKYPE has made each session feel like I am spending quality time with her face to face. Just like sitting opposite a best friend . This therefore makes reading body language, the unsaid communication just as valuable as the spoken word. This is so important when you may be feeling numb or emotional and unable  to express yourself clearly or how you would want to.

I would recommend this form of contact any time, its safe, convenient, confidential and fun".  Yvonne